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Views Read Edit View history. Only Dracula and La Magra, the latter can shed his skin, turning into a ball of fire to methodically stalk his prey gained from the Ligaroo tribe. Ones that had lived long enough can grow wings at will. In the Stakes miniseries, it is revealed that she possessed the power of a healing vampire, The Moon, allowing her to be unaffected by traditional vampire killing rituals. Fatal, but only if it is fashioned from a special wood such as, ash, hawthorn, or rosewood. Can impersonate a coachman and a doorman though it is not known if he only used darkness to disguise himself or a little magic as well in addition to that darkness.

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Only weakened during the daylight hours.

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Only "thin bloods", those of the 15th and sometimes 14th Generation removed from Caine; the offspring are natural ghouls, not vampires. Powerful vampires can pass through walls, shadow and blood manipulation, can summon the souls of those he has previously consumed. Yes, but their eyes are depicted as black instead of red. Fangs grow longer when attacking people. Gifted vampires and dhampir, like Kagan or Rayne, can have a variety of extra abilities others may not have.

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