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Even omniscience did not come with the bonus of experience. Sui Feng pulled Mizuiro off the Omaeda girl, threw him down and put her slipper on his chest. I know we don't have any Shinigami friends who have babies, and even Momo and Toshirou haven't had a baby yet, but we can get all kinds of pointers from Inoue and Yuzu. What did the souls of fish in the Seireitei have to teach him? That's just the way it works. Feeling stupid for overreacting, he turned around to leave Oh, you must tell them about that time she ran off with a Quincy bracelet and pulled a bow on a perfectly innocent civilian!

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I can always give them nicknames.

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Orihime Inoue

The Soul King and Queen were left alone at the baby gift table. Yuzu burst into tears at the sight. He could smell strawberry-scented bodywash emanating from the soft firmness of her breasts that were currently pressed against his cheeks. We're going to see a lot of dead people—that is the truth. It … looks like… I don't know what that tuft of stuff is.

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orihime inoue naked in the shower
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orihime inoue naked in the shower
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