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What has been done to ensure that toxic endocrine disruptors are not leaching right into our reproductive organs? Hentai girl getting blackmailed gang. Durometer method Shore hardness ". I know manufacturers of plastics all stand by the safety of their products no matter what, and that companies using plastics do the same, but I don't trust them worth a lick The people know the true should be the customers, so I think I would like to open a topic to let you guys tell the new comers what kind of dolls you have bought, and how you feel about the material, and what's the actual difference.

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The two TPE's I have seem quite different.

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The most annoying thing was that her shirts and pantyhose always turned kind of greasy. I would consider buying a tpe head if it were oral, low cost, and easy to change. Has lasted for a very long time, TPE doesn't seem to reject it like silicone. Color dries quick on paper towel, so have to keep coloring the paper towel before each dab, but it works. Doll Sweet used to mention in their manual:

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