89 per cent sperm b

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I did visit an urogilist here and he is says all is fine but still want a foreign eye. This assay does not damage or kill the sperm and is very useful for identifying viable, nonmotile sperm for ICSI. You might want to take this health questionaire to see if there any lifestyle changes that you can make to boost testosterone levels naturally — like change to diet, getting more sleep or reducing alcohol. If so, how long? Regression analyses were conducted using StatView 5. Average path velocity VAP is the velocity along the average path of the spermatozoon. For men, studies have shown that the more exciting the sex, the better the sperm that come out.

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Yes, you should be able to impregnate a woman.

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Studies show alarming sperm count falls, but some distrust the figures

Therefore, manually assessed sperm concentrations and number of immotile spermatozoa are much more reliable than corresponding data obtained by CASA, provided individual is adequately trained with appropriate internal and external quality control measures. Kathy July 24, at Please can I impregnate a woman? Curvilinear velocity VCL is the measure of the rate of travel of the centroid of the sperm head over a given time period. Good morning, thanks for ur reply.

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89 per cent sperm b
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89 per cent sperm b
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