Oral roberts seed faith

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On the Larry King show: Roberts attended Oklahoma Baptist and Phillips University and received a few years of education. Unlike Branham, Roberts never developed the idea that he was the forerunner to Christ's return. I said I can't get up. But people hear what they want to hear, despite the evidence of seeing something different; and men like Roberts know this and take advantage of it. After explaining his situation of being rejected to the University and donating a few dollars in the envelope, a few weeks later boxes of books from Oral Roberts were delivered to his door.

I became ill with tuberculosis with -- the disease of my mother.

The Miracle of Seed Faith

We have to come against it by our faith. Oral Roberts said to Hinn, "From now on build faith in your people, not faith in the seed but faith in the harvest it's gonna bring back. If you give nothing, and even if God were to multiply it, it would still be nothing! So any testimony or practice using this method with or without testimony does not matter because it was not a Biblical practice inside the church as other teachings are. And when my dad came in to pray for me, he said, God, I can't afford for my son to lose his soul.

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