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Whereas opposition to same-sex marriage and nondiscrimination protections is concentrated in the South, the states with the lowest levels of opposition to service refusals cluster in and near the Mountain West and Midwest. Prohibition would not last long: These early temperance societies called for moderate drinking, but had little influence outside of their geographical areas. An intimate evening featuring and celebrating the strength and diversity of women artists. The design effect is 1. Despite that, drunkenness was common and not often seen as a social problem. International Review of Social History.

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However, the People's Tax of included a stiff tax on pubs.

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The s saw a tremendous growth in temperance groups, not just in England and the United States, but also in British colonies, especially New Zealand [20] and Australia. Throughoutat least 1, interviews were completed each week, with about interviews conducted among respondents on their cell phones. Carson; Richard Edgar March 31, In some of the large communities, temperance almanacs were released which gave information about planting and harvesting as well as current information about the temperance issues. Drinking was widely accepted and completely integrated in society; however, drunkenness was not. PineTrip gives white girl long dick POV. One of the reasons for the shifting attitudes was the necessity for sober laborers to operate heavy machinery that had been developed as a result of the Industrial Revolution.

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